May 20th Radio Show Interview…This Week On Xplor the Southwest

Well, I have another great show for you this week…

Beginning in the first segment I will be joined by April Conrad, the founder and Director of “Hooked on a Cure”. An organization made up of outdoors men and women that raise money to help support other organizations like
St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

My next guest needs no introduction, long time friend, Mike Kimery, from the Arizona Shell Factory will join me in the second segment to talk a little Arizona trivia about the area in Payson that is actually going through fire danger right now.

Then to wrap up the first hour, Rick Hartigan, the Public Information Officer with the Arizona Central West Zone, Incident Management Team will give us an update on the Promontory Fire and tips on how you can be a more responsible steward of our public land.

Marcus Tork, from long time sponsor, Watermill Express will top off the first hour with water and hydration ideas for your next outdoor adventure.

Next, JR Thrasher from Winchester Tents has some great tent ideas for you. It’s camping season and why in the world would you go camping with a tent that just won’t get the job done?

Then to wrap up the hour,,, Tanya, “The BassnBabe” Kreuzer will join me to talk bassn tips for post spawn and the upcoming dog days of summer.

I’m Jim Solomon and I’m “Makin a Difference in Your Outdoor World”


May 13th, 2007 Radio show Interview, This Week on Xplor the Southwest

Well this week on Xplor the Southwest Patti Anne and I  have another great show for you. We’re broadcasting live from the Village at Christopher Creek for Mother’s Day

Our first guest has really made a difference in  how we look at horse training. Buck Brannaman, The original “Horse Whisperer” will be joining Patti Anne and I to talk about his books, training methods and upcoming seminars.

Our next guest , Emily Whitlock, actually taught Patti Anne to fly fish at the International Sportsman’s Expo last March. Patti has been practicing so we thought it may be fun to have Emily on to talk about Patti’s progress.

To wrap up the first hour,  Michelle, from the Village at Christopher Creek will join us to talk about the Village , the different amenities and a whole lot of fun that you can have with the family here.

In the second hour, Dottie Francisco from the Western ranchman will join us to talk about the store, the history, and where to go for all your feed and tack needs.

Mark Reilly from Danner/LaCrosse will join us in the second segment to give you ideas on proper boot selection when you are planning your outdoor adventure.

Then to wrap up the show, Renee Kroll, Events Coordinator for the Glendale Cabela’s, will be with us to talk about up coming events.

We’re Jim and Patti Anne and I’m “Makin a difference in your Outdoorworld”.

April 29th Radio Show Interview This Week on Xplor the Southwest

This week’s show is dedicated to my mom Jeanne Solomon. She has been battling lung cancer for the last couple of months and we had to admit her to the hospital on Monday. Be praying for her.

My first guest on the show is good friend, John Kolezar. John will join me for an OHV legislative update.

Then Tom McMahon from the Ben Avery will join me in the second segment to talk about all the changes going on up there.

To finish out the hour, Arizona Game and Fish Departments , Fisheries Biologist, Jim Warnecke will join me to talk about Camp Carp.

In the first segment, Amy Halm from Chick Bait will join me for some Mother’s day ideas.

Next, sponsor, and good friend Dennis Alesandro, from Action motor sports will be on hand with some great spring ATV ideas.

To wrap up the show, Steve Adkins, owner of Open Throttle Marine and another great sponsor, will be on with me to talk boats, pontoon boats, bass boats and custom boats.

I’m Jim Solomon, and I’m makin a difference in your outdoor world.

As always I have a great show for you today.

My first guest has an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to computers. Phillip Spry, the owner of Arizona Computer Outlet will join me to give you tips on improving your computer security and if you need help with your computer, which we all have, they can take care of that cheaper then anyone in the valley.

Next up, Clifford Weidman from Kistler Rods will be on hand telling you what to look for in a good quality rod for all your fishing trips.

To finish up the first hour, Shelah Zmigrosky the Foxy Huntress, will be joining me to talk about ladies outdoor clothing. Shelah just got back from hunting Africa and I’m anxious to hear her stories.

In the second hour, long time sponsor, Mike Kimery from the Arizona Shell factory will be with me to talk about some new things they have there and maybe a little Arizona trivia.

My next guest has a very interesting profession, Roger Sigler teaches dogs to hunt for antlers. That’s right, antlers. He is going to talk about that and how he trains dogs to do it

To wrap up the show, Camo West’s, Wayne Carlton will join me for some camo and turkey talk. It is the season.

This week on Xplor the Southwest we’re traveling to New Mexico for a hot air balloon ride and beyond with Roxanne from Arizona Trails Travel.

Then, new sponsors, Clark and Jennifer Wood from The Outdoor Connection will join me with more ideas for those of us that didn’t get drawn. HuntAndFishAdventures

To wrap up the hour, Bob Thompson from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, will be with me for another episode of “The Poacher Chronicles”.
Sponsored by Armor Holdings/Safariland and Trophy Blend Scent Sticks.

To start out the second hour, Tempe Parks Recreation Director, Joe Oconner will join me talking about The Pappas School fishing field trip coming up on the 24th of May as well as classes that are being offered on the lake.

Up next, the Corporate Administrator for the Recreation Resource management Company will join me with information about our northern campgrounds.

To wrap up the hour, my good friend, Jerry Gentellalli from Rancho safari will join me with some camouflage ideas for the upcoming hunting seasons.

Well, I’m back in the studio and guess what? Yep, I have another great show for you By the way,,, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL
My first guest is the Chapter Chair of the Phoenix Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Tim Talbot, The Elk Foundation has a lot going on, tune in for more information.

With my next guest, Ryan Cleckner, we are beginning a new series, “Go Take a Hike”. Ryan is coming on board for a monthly series to share his expertise in Hiking, backpacking, land navigation, GPS and the all purpose compass.

Then to finish out the first hour and to carry on with the hiking theme I have JJ Hinkle from The Red Cross. JJ is a wilderness first aid instructor with the local Red Cross and she will enlighten you great ideas if you are taking the family out for a hike this Easter.

In the second hour,, Susan Reneau from the Safari Press will join me and talk about a couple of her fabulous books on hunting and, who is Moccasin Joe? Listen up for more information.

In the segment,,, Mark Malone from will be to help get you folks ready for your hunt. For those that got drawn, and for those that didn’t… has every map that you will need for future hunts, AND they are water and tear proof.

It’s always the time of year to help our troops and Kathleen Lewis from Packages From Home, will join me in the last segment to inform you on how you can bless our troops with Packages From Home.


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March 18th Radio Show Interview
This Week on Xplor the Southwest

Well it’s starting to warm up and with that and all the standing water from the winter storms comes the mosquitos and with that the threat of West Nile Virus. With that in mind I thought it a good idea to have show sponsor Dan Ritter from Bug Band on to inform you of the hazards of deet and the alternative.

Next up is the Coordinator for the “Women in the Outdoors” program through the NWTF. Tammy Mowery will join me with news and information on how women can become more involved in the outdoors.

To wrap up the first hour, Steve Adkins of Open Throttle Marine will be with me to talk about the coming of the new Basscat that OTM will soon be carrying.

My first guest in the second hour is Amy Halm, Amy is the Chief Executive Chick of Chick Bait. Chickbait is a local company that produces sportswear and jewelry for women. Chick it out!!!

My next guest is the Lord Mayer of the Renaissance Festival. His Lordliness will be with me to talk about the festival and the fact that you only have until April 1st to enjoy it.

Then to wrap up this week,,, the Bassnbabe will be joining me with some tips for the spawn as well as what’s up with the Women’s Bassmaster Tour.