This week on Xplor the Southwest we’re traveling to New Mexico for a hot air balloon ride and beyond with Roxanne from Arizona Trails Travel.

Then, new sponsors, Clark and Jennifer Wood from The Outdoor Connection will join me with more ideas for those of us that didn’t get drawn. HuntAndFishAdventures

To wrap up the hour, Bob Thompson from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, will be with me for another episode of “The Poacher Chronicles”.
Sponsored by Armor Holdings/Safariland and Trophy Blend Scent Sticks.

To start out the second hour, Tempe Parks Recreation Director, Joe Oconner will join me talking about The Pappas School fishing field trip coming up on the 24th of May as well as classes that are being offered on the lake.

Up next, the Corporate Administrator for the Recreation Resource management Company will join me with information about our northern campgrounds.

To wrap up the hour, my good friend, Jerry Gentellalli from Rancho safari will join me with some camouflage ideas for the upcoming hunting seasons.