As always I have a great show for you today.

My first guest has an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to computers. Phillip Spry, the owner of Arizona Computer Outlet will join me to give you tips on improving your computer security and if you need help with your computer, which we all have, they can take care of that cheaper then anyone in the valley.

Next up, Clifford Weidman from Kistler Rods will be on hand telling you what to look for in a good quality rod for all your fishing trips.

To finish up the first hour, Shelah Zmigrosky the Foxy Huntress, will be joining me to talk about ladies outdoor clothing. Shelah just got back from hunting Africa and I’m anxious to hear her stories.

In the second hour, long time sponsor, Mike Kimery from the Arizona Shell factory will be with me to talk about some new things they have there and maybe a little Arizona trivia.

My next guest has a very interesting profession, Roger Sigler teaches dogs to hunt for antlers. That’s right, antlers. He is going to talk about that and how he trains dogs to do it

To wrap up the show, Camo West’s, Wayne Carlton will join me for some camo and turkey talk. It is the season.